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Perspectives on Fred and His Leadership

An Evening to Celebrate
The Life and Values of Frederick O'Reilly Hayes


An Evening to Celebrate
The Life and Values of Frederick O'Reilly Hayes


December 13, 2002

Rose Hayes on Fred Hayes

It's hard to imagine anything more dangerous than Steve Isenberg and a microphone, except perhaps Jerry Mechling and a PowerPoint presentation.

My father's career revolved around the ideas that government could be a force for good ... that effective government could do more good ... and that talented people in government made the difference.

December 13, 2002

Joan Leiman on Fred Hayes

Not counting Peter, who was technically Fred's Chief of Staff, I was the first program planner hired—the first of those who sometimes arrogantly referred to ourselves and were referred to as the "whiz kids." We hit the Budget Bureau like aliens from outer space and perhaps that is why we were housed in the Bureau of Highways and Sewers...

December 13, 2002

David Grossman on Fred Hayes

In 1960, just after John Kennedy was elected President, I decided that I wanted to be part of the New Frontier. So I traveled from Cambridge to Washington to apply for a job at the Bureau of the Budget. When the BoB personnel officer asked me why I wanted to work there, I told her that I was trained as a planner and that I thought that the Budget Bureau was the central planning agency of the Federal Government. "Oh, no," she said, "We're not a planning agency at all. We're more like accountants."

December 13, 2002

Peter Goldmark on Fred Hayes

It's good to have something in common.

A stranger here tonight, if they knew our backgrounds and origins and personalities, would have a little trouble figuring out what we have in common.

What we have in common is Fred.

We're the ones Fred took a chance on, or watched out for, or helped through a difficult moment or issue or problem.

June 10, 2012

Two Remembrances of Ann Hayes

Ann Hayes, Fred’s wife and widow, died on June 10, 2012. Here is what two close
Hayes friends remember most...

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December 30, 1968
FROM:  Frederick O'R. Hayes
SUBJECT: LaGuardia High School

O, you turkey! You pious turkey! You sanctimonious turkey!

Having belatedly discovered that the Music and Arts High School had something to do with Lincoln Center, having belatedly intervened in the planning process, having delayed construction for a year and added $3.3 million to costs - now, you worry about the Bureau of the Budget " hacking around for six months on the cost issue."

You'll forgive me I see some kinship with George Bernard Shaw's father whom GBS described as "a teetotaler by conviction and a drunkard in practice." But at least Shaw, Sr. had the redeeming characteristic of limiting both preachment and practice to his own liquor.

Just a word on gratuitous libel. A check on the Meridian MIS indicates a maximum of two projects held up in Budget for as long as two monthly reports. This year, you and CPC have been on the critical path of this particular baby for longer than the cumulative Budget delays in project months on the entire education construction program.

Tell Ratensky to drop dead. Drop dead yourself.

N.R. If the Board of Education people are "terrified" that could be the best thing that's happened to me all year. 

But First Here is a Humorfull Fred Memo...Just one example.

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