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Two Remembrances of Ann Hayes

Ann Hayes, Fred’s wife and widow, died on June 10, 2012. Here is what two close
Hayes friends remember most.

She was witty, she was gracious, she was smarter than he was and a lot less likely to fall
asleep. She saw everything, understood everything, and loved all of us crazy souls who
worked for Fred with a generous heart and a tolerant spirit.

From Peter Goldmark:

From David Grossman:

We have just received word that Ann Hayes, the wife and then widow of our departed friend and colleague, Frederick O'Reilly Hayes, has passed on. She leaves those of us fortunate enough to have known her with our good memories of her.

When John Lindsay asked Fred to come to New York to head the Budget Bureau,
Ann reluctantly agreed to leave Arlington, Virginia, where she had built a career of
community activism and had given birth to the Hayes' three children, Sara, Christopher and Reilly.

My wife, Hanna, and I had the great pleasure of knowing Ann and Fred as they traveled from the nation's capital to New York and then to Lexington before they retired in Utica, Fred's home town. Ann and Hanna were both genealogists and used to enjoy sharing tales of searching for their ancestors.

I will remember Ann as a gracious lady of great strength, considerable courage and an ironic sense of humor. I will miss her good cheer and charm.

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