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In Memoriam:  Andy Kerr

Andrew “Andy” Pitman Kerr joined the Lindsay administration as an unpaid director in the city's Policy Planning Council, where he served as a Project Manager, Deputy Director of the Budget, and at 34, was appointed Head of Housing for the City of NY to be the City's Housing and Development Administrator, where he was a noted efficiency expert.

Andy received his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Tufts University, where through ROTC, he became a Naval Officer and served for 2 years in Albuquerque, New Mexico testing nuclear weapons. After pursing his graduate studies at the Harvard Business School in 1964, he graduated and moved to New York, where he began working at Booz Allen Hamilton, the noted management and consulting firm.

At the end of Lindsay's second term, and with his service to the City of New York coming to an end, Andy moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was honored with a stipend at the Kennedy School, where he ultimately returned to the Harvard Business School to earn his doctorate in Business Policy. 

Andy taught courses at BU and Tufts while at the same time working as a management consultant, and started an international consulting and investment banking firm with Charles R. Morris called Devonshire Partners, which continued for several decades. When Mr. Morris retired, Andy continued his professional life working as CEO and COO for various start-ups and high tech firms. 

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